How to Find a Tutor for Your Child

It doesn’t matter if your child goes to a private school or a public school. He may be a mainstream student or spend some time in an inclusion classroom. Either way, every student has a time in his life where he finds himself struggling with a certain subject. You may find that he’s not getting the extra help he needs in school and if that is the case you may want to consider hiring a private tutor to help him out. Here are some tips to help you find a tutor for your child.

Ask other Parents and Teachers

Talk to your child’s teacher about the situation and stress that you want to find your child some help outside of the regular school setting. Some teachers actually offer private tutoring services on the side while others will recommend individuals who may be able to help. Talk to other parents as well. You’re certainly not the only person to have found yourself in this sort of situation and other parents may be able to recommend tutors they have used in the past.

Look to the Local High School or College

Ever hear the saying, “been there, done that?” Well, if your child is in elementary school, there are likely to be high school or college students who have already taken the courses your child is taking. These students are experienced in the subject matter but are young enough to identify with your child on a personal level – something that is important for a child who is struggling and feels embarrassed. Look on the bulletin boards at the high school, college, or local community center to see if you can find information about a local tutor.

Look at Private Tutoring Centers

If all else fails, look to private tutoring centers. You’ll see them advertised on television and can easily find them in your area by searching the web or looking in your phone book. While going to a private company like Sylvan Learning Center might be more expensive than hiring someone else, the benefit of seeing your child’s grades improve will make the expense well worth the line in your budget.

Talk to Your Child

No matter what you choose to do, make sure you have an open and honest conversation with your child about your concerns. This is not the time to yell at your child about his levels of concentration or his below par grades. Taking a combative and demanding stance will only result in a child who is even more upset than he initially showed. Most students who are struggling are aware of the fact that they are having difficulties and already feel pretty bad about it. Make sure your conversation is one that shows support as you work together to make a plan to improve his grades.

The decision to hire a private tutor can be exciting if you are simply looking to help your child excel, while it can be nerve wracking if your child is really struggling. No matter what happens, know that you are doing what is best for your child and his educational growth.

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