How to Tell if Online Learning is Right for You

In this day and age, online learning is a big deal for a lot of people. For some, it can be the only way to practically get their education. However, going online to learn is only good for some people. Just because you have a computer and you can play World of Warcraft doesn’t mean online learning is right for you. The following group of questions will tell you whether you’re right for online learning.

Are you comfortable on a computer?

If you have never used a computer before, you will undoubtedly find that trying to learn online is more challenging than if you were a computer veteran. If you barely know how to turn it on, you’ll spend a lot of your early time online learning as much about the basic navigation of your computer as you do learning about your chosen subject matter. While this is fine if you’re really gung ho about it, it can also be frustrating. So it might be best to start out getting a feel for how to use your computer before you really forge ahead online.

Can you concentrate online?

If your idea of concentrating online is watching hours of Youtube videos or cultivating your farm on Facebook, you might have a hard time learning online. The big point to consider is that online learning means filtering out all of the junk that won’t help you. If you can hold off on checking your email for a few hours instead of searching for info on a cash advance from Pay Day One, you might have what it takes to learn effectively online. If not, you’ll struggle.

Do you love to learn?

If you don’t love to learn, you won’t learn very well online. The more you love to learn, however, the better you’ll do online. If you love it, you’ll seek out more and more resources until your expertise reaches amazing proportions. If you don’t love learning, you’ll spend more time making excuses than actually learning anything.

Are you good at completing tasks without being supervised?

If you’re the type of person who’ll work like crazy without any supervision, the online world is great for you. Nobody is around to cramp your style. But if you need a drill sergeant shouting at you to do every little thing, your motivation will rapidly wane.

The online learning world is what you make of it. If you aren’t a motivated person, you won’t do all that well. But if you are, the sky is pretty much the limit.

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